general parking rules and regulation information

District Parking Facilities are for use by persons attending or participating in District programs or campus events.

All regulatory signs on the District's locations must be obeyed. Violators may be cited under the appropriate California Vehicle Code.

The maximum speed on campus is 15 mph on roadways and 5 mph in parking lots and structures.

Park in designated stalls only. Parking is prohibited in non-designated areas such as triangle zones, pathways, driveways, or cross-hatched areas.

Parking and loitering on campus after 11:00 pm or after special events is prohibited.


Parking permits are required to park at all SDCCD campuses and District Offices at all times. Permits are enforced Monday through Friday from 7:00 am until 10:00 pm. Vehicles may not be parked overnight without an overnight permit issued by college police. Purchase of a parking permit does not guarantee a parking space.


Permits must be visible and properly displayed - automobile permits must be adhered to the lower left corner (driver's side) of the windshield or hung from the rearview mirror using plastic hangers available at College Police. Motorcycle permits must be adhered to the front forks. Hang temporary red, yellow, or blue hanger tag permits from the rear view mirror with the date facing forward. Display all other temporary permits and daily machine permits face-up on the dashboard. All information on the permit must be clearly visible from the outside of the vehicle.

Staff Permits - Faculty or staff permits are required to park in spaces designated for staff and must be visible and properly displayed at all times. Faculty/staff permits are non-transferable and are only valid when used by the employee assigned to the permit. Obtain faculty/staff permits from campus police. Identification is required to pick up permits. SDCCD students are not eligible for staff permits and must utilize student parking. Faculty/staff permits are valid in any designated staff or student space on campus.

Student Permits - Purchase semester permits online through SDCCD MyPortal or in-person at the accounting office on campus. Permits purchased after the mail deadline will be available for pick-up from the College Police Office. A valid student or government identification card will be required to pick up a student permit. Student permits are valid only in student spaces on campus.

Refunds - Parking permits returned to the Campus Police Office within the first two weeks of the sixteen-week semester are eligible for a refund. For short-term classes, permits must be returned no later than Monday of the second week of classes.

Daily Permits - Purchase hourly or daily permits online using the ParkMobile app (locations posted on campus) or with cash from permit machines located on all campuses. Purchase price is $1.00 per hour or $5.00 per day. Permit purchases made at the permit machines require exact change only as machines are unable to give change. Daily permits are valid in regular student spaces on campus.

Guest Parking Permits -Permits for guests visiting campus and directly interacting with students to enhance the learning experience may be requested by campus administration. Email requests to

Visitor Parking - Each campus has 1 hour visitor parking. Vehicles parked longer than the posted time limit are subject to citation. Visitor spaces are not for use by SDCCD students or employees. SDCCD students or staff members parking in visitor parking spaces are subject to citation.

FLEX Parking -  "Flex Parking" spaces are staff spaces that require a valid staff permit but become available for student use during certain hours. "Flex" parking signs and ground stencils in the spaces identify them as "Flex". Students may only park in the spaces during the times posted on the signs and must display a valid student permit to avoid citation.

Carpool Parking - Mesa and Miramar College have designated carpool spaces identified by orange curbs, orange striping, and orange-on-white signs. A valid student permit and carpool sticker are required to park in these spaces. Three or more applicants are required to qualify for carpool validation; at least two carpool members must be present when utilizing carpool parking spaces. Carpool applications, regulations, and validation are available at the College Police Office on campus.

Motorcycle permits are not valid on automobiles. Motorcycles must only use designated parking spaces. Motorcycle permits must be glued to either of the front forks and clearly visible to enforcement personnel.

Disabled Parking - All campuses and district facilities have disabled parking available to owners of a valid, state-issued placard or license plate. Valid, displayed placards or plates allow owners to park without a permit in any disabled, student, staff, or faculty parking spaces on campus as well as spaces reserved for administrators. Valid, displayed placards or plates also allow owners to park in time-restricted spaces (green zones) until 11 pm without a time restriction. Disabled placard owners are required to present placard identification, upon request, to law enforcement officers or person authorized to enforce parking laws, ordinances, or regulations (CVC section 22507.56). Disabled placards used by anyone other than the placard owner will be confiscated and a citation will be issued.

Reserved Parking - Unauthorized vehicles parked in spaces posted as "Reserved", with a permanent posted sign or temporary sign, are subject to citation and may be towed at owner's expense. For information on towed vehicles, call the College Police Dispatch Center at 619-388-6405.

Loading Zones - Yellow zones are restricted to active commercial loading and unloading during posted hours. White zones are restricted to active passenger loading and unloading during posted times. Vehicles parked past the posted time limit are subject to citation.

Lost/Stolen Parking Permits - Lost or stolen permits should be reported to College Police. Replacements for lost permits must be purchased. If the original permit is located and a police report is on file the replacement permit may be returned to the College Police Office to request a refund.

Parking Citations - Citations issued by College Service Officers and College Police Officers are legal and binding. Vehicles parked without a valid, properly displayed permit are subject to citation per CVC Section 21113(a). Unpaid parking citations may result in additional fines and fees added to your vehicle registration fees or other collection action. Vehicles with five or more unpaid parking citations are subject to immobilization and impound per CVC 22651 and CVC 22653. Requests for citation appeal must be submitted before the citation is twenty-one (21) calendar days old per California Vehicle Code. Please visit, contact 619-388-6416, or visit the SDCCD Parking Department website for more information regarding the appeals process, citation payment plans, and how to pay a citation fine.

Police Escort Service - During night hours, call the College Police Dispatch Center at 619-388-6405 to request a police escort to your vehicle or class.

Emergency Call Box Telephones -  Emergency telephones are located in most student lots and parking structures. All District telephones have a one-button direct dial to the College Police Dispatch Center. You may also dial 619-388-6405 from any telephone to reach the dispatch center and receive a College Police Officer response.

Motorist Assistance - Free battery-jumps and vehicle lockout services are available to owners of a valid SDCCD parking permit for vehicles parked on campus or within a three-block radius of campus. Call College Police Dispatch at 619-388-6405 or pick up an emergency call box telephone to request service. This service is provided subject to availability of personnel.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations - BLINK Mobile stations are available on each campus. Refer to the BLINK website for locations, hours, and cost of service. Vehicles must display a valid parking permit and must be actively charging while parked in the space with a 4 hour maximum time limit. Disabled vehicles parked in Disabled charging spaces must have a valid disabled placard/plate displayed and must be actively charging.

Authorized Vehicle Areas - Areas posted for use by "Authorized Vehicles Only" are restricted for use by vehicles owned, leased, rented, or operated by the District; and vehicles operated by contractors, vendors, suppliers, maintenance, repair, service providers, or others with permission from the site Director of Administrative Services, the Maintenance Operations Manager, a Regional Plant Operations Officer, or College Police. No person shall drive or park any vehicle in or on a lot, stall, driveway, path, or access road posted for use by authorized vehicles except as authorized above. 


For more information visit: SDCCD Parking Regulations or the the College Police Office on campus.