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Room A-122, 1313 Park Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92101 
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Room 14-405, 7250 Mesa College Drive, San Diego, CA 92111 
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Room K1-204, 10440 Black Mountain Rd, San Diego, CA 92126

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Dean of DSPS at (619) 388-1965

STEP 1 | Document Disability

Students provide documentation of a qualified disability to DSPS to support requests for academic accommodations. This can be accomplished in several ways, including by a medical or mental health professional, learning disability assessment, school records that include an IEP or 504 Plan, and through the interactive process. DSPS will review documentation you have available, or you may use the SDCCD DSPS Verification of Disability form.

STEP 2 | Meet with DSPS Counselor

Students participate in an interactive process with a DSPS Counselor to determine eligibility for and to reach an agreement on an effective and reasonable academic accommodation plan. In this meeting, student and counselor will review SDCCD DSPS Service Guidelines.

STEP 3 | PRESENT Authorized Accommodations Letter to instructors

Students work with DSPS Counselor to make a request for accommodations in a timely manner each semester, and provide their academic accommodation letter to their instructor(s).

Forms & Information

SDCCD DSPS Verification of Disability form 
SDCCD DSPS Service Guidelines

District Disability Support Programs and Services
3375 Camino del Rio South, Room 275 | San Diego, CA 92108
619-388-6983 (voice) | 619-388-6534 (fax) | 619-550-3389 (videophone)