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Thank you for your interest in attending San Diego City, Mesa or Miramar College. After submitting a FAFSA, you should have received an email from the college financial aid office indicating the status of your financial aid application (usually takes 5-7 business days), including steps you may need to take in order to finish process your financial aid file. This page will provide you with important information if you are interested in receiving financial aid for the aid year.  

Our goal is to assist you with your financial obligations so that you may maximize your educational opportunities. The Financial Aid Offices recognize that your situation is unique and your application is carefully analyzed with complete confidentiality regarding your personal financial information. All students are encouraged to visit our colleges and to speak with our financial aid staff.


financial aid offices:

College Phone Location Website
CITY COLLEGE 619-388-3501 
619-388-3241 Fax
Office A-270 Financial Aid Website
MESA COLLEGE 619-388-2817 
619-388-2824 Fax
Office I4-107 Financial Aid Website
MIRAMAR COLLEGE 619-388-7864 
619-388-7910 Fax
Office K-312 Financial Aid Website

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important information regarding your financial aid

San Diego City, Mesa and Miramar Colleges have launched a new student portal called mySDCCD.  The new portal will provide students with access to search for classes, register, find out what additional steps you need to take (to-do list), access your financial aid status, and more.

Please Note the Following:

  • Direct Deposit - Due to the transition to a new student system mySDCCD, direct deposit for Financial Aid is not currently available.  Make sure your address is up to date in mySDCCD as your financial aid check will be sent to your mailing address on file.  If you wish to pick-up your financial aid check on campus, you must go to the Financial Aid office to have this delivery option set up.
  • We updated the Financial Aid Consortium Agreement: Effective Fall 2018 students can receive their aid funds even if all of your classes are at the other campuses.  Please note that the major you are following must be offered at the college you are enrolling at in order to be eligible for financial aid.
  • Some of the aid programs available such as Federal Work Study or Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) have limited funding and/or require that the review of your file after receiving missing documentation be time sensitive. Don’t delay! Submit your documents as soon as possible.
  • Non-resident fees are $264.00 per unit.  Effective Fall 2020, non-resident fees will increase to $290.00 per unit.

Verification Process for financial aid applicants

If you received a missing information letter, you may be asked to bring certain documents in order for us to complete your financial aid application.  If you like to know more about the verification process, or need further instructions, please visit the Financial Aid Documentation page.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: I received an email informing me that I have missing items?
  • A: If you received this email, it indicates that there are further actions you will need to take in order for us to process your financial aid. This usually involves providing us with documentation to verify what was submitted on your financial aid application. Please review what items you will need to complete and visit your financial aid office.

  • Q: I have a question regarding one of the items the email is asking me about.
  • A: Please contact your financial aid office for more information.  Each case is unique to your situation and will require follow-up with our staff. 

  • Q: What happens once my file is complete?
  • A: Once your file is complete we will begin packaging and awarding certain federal financial aid early-July.  You will receive another email from the financial aid office with information on how you can login to the new student portal.  Summer 2019 registration begins May 20, 2019 and Fall 2019 registration begins on July 9, 2019.
  • Q: I received an email indicating my Program of Study does not match the school I'm attending?
  • A: You may have received an email that informs you that your program of study does not match the school you are attending.  This could mean that the financial aid application you submitted to the college you wish to attend does not match your campus of record.  Please visit the financial aid office to assist in determining how this can be resolved.
  • Q: I received an email stating that I reported more than one school code?
  • A: Financial Aid regulations only allow students to apply to receive financial aid from one college.  Although San Diego City, Mesa and Miramar colleges are part of a district, students are only allowed to receive financial aid from one college at a time.  Our recommendation is that you come to the financial aid office where you intend to study to fix any potential issues with your financial aid application.