Trustee Advisory Council


The educational system within the San Diego Community College District has been developed to serve the needs of the citizens of the community. To improve communication among the Board of Trustees, the educational establishment, and the citizens, the Board established a Trustee Advisory Council (TAC).



The function of the Trustee Advisory Council is advisory, to assist in improving communication between the Board of Trustees and the community, including the educational establishment, and to serve as advocates to the community, the citizens, and decision-makers so as to ensure that the
District’s educational programs and services meet the needs of the community and the citizenry to be served. Its purpose is twofold: (1) to advise the Board on community attitudes, opportunities, and needs; (2) to advise individual Board members on whether the programs are meeting the needs of the citizenry.



The council consists of no less than fifteen (15) nor, no more than thirty-five (35) members. Interested persons, who are not employees of the District, who possess a desire and ability to work with others for the general good and welfare of the community, and are willing to uphold the basic policies and abide by the Council Policies and Bylaws, may be nominated for council membership. Each voting member of the Board of Trustees may nominate up to seven (7) members to the Trustee Advisory Council. All appointments shall be made at a regular or special meeting of the Board of Trustees.


Authority of the Council

The authority of the council may only be exercised as a council and only at such meetings or executive sessions as duly and legally constituted. Individual members, acting in their individual capacities, have no authority to commit the council to any course of action or recommendation. The council acts in a purely counseling and advisory capacity and its findings and recommendations are not binding on the Board.


Term of Office

Council members serve at the discretion of the Board of Trustees. Upon appointment, a council member shall serve continuously until his/her/their appointment is rescinded by the Board of Trustees or until the nominating Board member’s term on the Board of Trustees ends.


Frequency of Meetings

The Trustee Advisory Council will meet twice each academic year at dates and times to be set by the Board of Trustees. The Board may cancel any meetings of the TAC with at least 24 hours notice. The District Office works in conjunction with campuses to coordinate locations and logistics for
each meeting.

Reference: Procedure 1020.



An agenda containing a brief description of each item of business is on the District's BoardDocs website 72 hours before regular meetings and 24 hours before special meetings. In the upper, right-hand corner of the BoardDocs toolbar header, you will see a drop down menu for other committees. From this select “Trustee Advisory Council” to go to the landing page for this committee, which will allow you to view the current TAC meeting agenda and archived agendas and minutes. You may also contact the Board of Trustees office at 619-388-6957.


Trustee Advisory Council


  • Dean Aragoza
  • Courtney Baltiyskyy
  • Nola Butler-Byrd
  • Clint Carney
  • Rebekah Hook-Held
  • Jeff Marston
  • Alan Mobley
  • Ellen Nash
  • Alberto Ochoa
  • Becky Phillpott
  • William Ponder
  • Olivia Puentes-Reynolds
  • Martha Rañón
  • Gary Rotto
  • Cecil Steppe
  • Mark Tran
  • David Valladolid
  • Marissa Vasquez
  • John Watson
  • Peter Zschiesche