Login to mySDCCD


On Monday, July 2nd, student employees who have recently received a paycheck from the district will be required to go through a process to enroll and change their password to login to mySDCCD.

Who is a student employee?

If you received a pay check from the district, or any of the three colleges or Continuing Education, you are considered a student employee.  This includes, but is not limited to: student ambassadors, Federal Work-Study, CalWORKs Work-Study, and Student Trustees.

Transition to mySDCCD

The transition to mySDCCD will be occurring throughout the fall semester; students will continue to use their CSID (7 digits) to login to Reg-e during Fall 2018 to register for Fall 2018 classes, search the online Fall class schedule, pay for classes, and view grades. All Fall 2018 student related activities except for Financial Aid will continue to be in Reg-e.

If you wish to view your 2018-2019 Financial Aid, or if you are considered a student employee conducting any employee related transactions such as viewing your pay stub, submitting travel authorizations or approving budgets, you will be using your 10-digit User ID when logging into mySDCCD beginning July 9th. Starting in October, students will begin using mySDCCD to view Spring 2019 classes and will register for their Spring 2019 classes in November.