Training for Online Students

Training for Online Students


We are excited that you're joining us to get familiar with online learning at the San Diego Community College District. 


It's never too early to begin preparing for your online class. There are several resources available to get you ready for online learning at the San Diego Community College District.

Readiness Assessment
Enroll in Quest for Online Success to find out if online learning is right for you. It's a great way to prepare yourself for online learning. 


Tips for Success

Check out our Online Student Tips for Success (pdf) for some helpful advice to being successful online.

Netiquette Guidelines:
An online class is different from other websites. Professional and courteous behavior is expected, even if you aren't meeting with your class in person. Read through the Netiquette Guidelines for Online Students (pdf) to find out more about proper behavior in the online setting.

Student Code of Conduct:
All students should be familiar with the College Policies - Student Code of Conduct (pdf) at the San Diego Community College District. 

Technical Support Services:

For technical assistance, our helpdesk staff are standing by 24/7 to assist you. Call toll-free (844) 612-7421 or


Canvas is the Learning Management System at the San Diego Community College District. The resources on this page help you to begin exploring Canvas. And you'll find a link to the Online Student Tutorials page, where you'll find several more tutorials for online students. 

Logging into Canvas
You won't be able to login and access your course until the first day that the course starts. On the first day of class, you can use the information on this page to login to Canvas.

  • Go to the Canvas Login Page.
  • Type your Username : 10-digit College Student Identification (ID) number
  • Type your Password: mmddyyyy (birthdate with no hyphens, slashes, or spaces) 
  • For example: 0009010101 (ID number used at registration) 
                          06031980 (password for birthdate June 3, 1980)

Are you a returning student? Your password may no longer be set to your birthdate if you logged in during a previous semester and changed your password. If you need to reset a lost password, please access How to reset your password .

Course Navigation
How to navigate a course and an overview of Canvas tools (video tutorial).
This video tutorial will take you through a sample course on Canvas. Students get basic navigation instructions inside a Canvas course and an overview of the Canvas tools that are commonly used in online courses.

Update Your Email Address
How to update your email address in Canvas
This video tutorial shows students how to update their email address on Canvas. This is an important step to preparing for success online. Many system notifications and instructor announcements get forwarded to en external email address. It's imperative that students use a current email address and check it often.

Looking for more tutorials? There are several more tutorials available for our online students at SDCCD. Be sure to check out the entire list of student tutorials on our Online Student Tutorials page.


There is a sample course available to you on Canvas anytime. 

How to access the Sample Course
Login to Canvas with the following credentials to access the Sample Course for students.

In the Sample Course, you can practice accessing content, taking tests, creating discussion threads, sending messages, and submitting assignments. Accessing the Sample Course will help to get you familiar with the Canvas environment so that you are ready to go once your course becomes available on the system.


Congratulations on completing this training.