Bid and Contract Opportunities

In January 2018, the San Diego Community College District ("District") opted to adhere to the State of California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act ("CUPCCAA"). These guidelines offer alternative procedures for the District when undertaking public project work through contracts.

What does CUPCCAA entail?

CUPCCAA outlines alternative bidding procedures for agencies engaging in public project work via contracts.

  • Projects costing $60,000 or less can be executed by the agency's employees through various means, such as a force account, negotiated contract, or purchase order. 
  • Projects costing $200,000 or less can be contracted through informal procedures as outlined in the Act. 
  • Projects costing $200,000 or more require formal bidding processes.

How to Register

We welcome all licensed contractors who are interested in submitting their company details for inclusion on the District's Informal Bidding Contractors List, valid for each calendar year. Please note that contractors must resubmit their information annually.

As per California Public Contract Code 22032, any Public Works Project estimated to cost $200,000 or less falls under the Informal Bidding Procedure mandated by the State of California Uniform Construction Cost Accounting Commission. Contractors seeking inclusion on the Informal Bidding Contractors List must possess a current license, subject to verification by the Contractors State License Board.

Furthermore, under SB 854, the Public Works Reforms bill, no contractor or subcontractor can be listed on a bid or awarded a contract for a public works project unless registered with the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) as per California Labor Code 1725.5.

The District's Informal Bidding Contractors List will serve to notify contractors of upcoming informal public project bids. Applications can be submitted at any time; however, the annual validity of the District’s Informal Bidding Contractors List extends until December 31st. Applications for the subsequent year can be submitted starting November 1st.

To be considered for inclusion on the San Diego Community College District’s Informal Bidding Contractors List, please register as a vendor here and include "CUPCCAA" when completing the Category/Description section.

Questions about the contracting process may be directed to Claudia Moreno, SDCCD Contract Specialist, at or 619-388-6514.