Occupational Safety and Health

The San Diego Community College District utilizes a decentralized occupational health and safety system. Safety committees operate at City College, Mesa College, Miramar College, College of Continuing Education, the District Service Center and the District Office building. Risk Management serves as a centralized resource to safety committees and safety officers throughout the District. Safety training initiatives are supported by the Professional Development Office of Human Resources.

Safety committees are generally chaired by the Vice President of Administration at their respective sites and are composed of a regional facilities officer, the District Risk Manager, site safety officer(s) and appointed representatives of various campus departments. For a list of current safety committee leaders, contact the Risk Management Office.

Reporting Safety Concerns
Employees are encouraged to look out for and report safety issues or unsafe conditions to their supervisor, manager, Site Safety Committee, or to the Facilities Services Call Center. For issues relating to Facilities, contact:

Supervisors and managers, please contact Facilities for updated safety related training materials, including handouts, quizzes and power point presentations. Click here for the list of training topics available by contacting Risk Management

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) (Formerly MSDS)

Safety Resources