Human Resources

Human Resources
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Mission and Goals

The Mission of the Human Resources Division is to provide the support, respect, and service to recruit, develop, and retain a diverse and well-qualified workforce of leaders, faculty, and staff whose collective goal is to provide accessible, high quality learning experiences to meet the educational needs of the San Diego community.

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Contact Human Resources
Benefits - 619-388-6587
Employee Relations - 619-388-6880
Employment - 619-388-6579
HR Systems - 619-388-6955 
Legal Services/EEO - 619-388-6591
Payroll - 619-388-6582
Retirement - 619-388-6685
Risk Management - 619-388-6953

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The San Diego Community College District Benefits Office provides faculty, staff, administrators, retirees and COBRA participants with support on the District's health, welfare, and retirement benefits plans by providing one-on-one counseling and assistance over the phone, in person, and via email, and maintaining an effective benefits communication program. The Benefits Office administers the San Diego Community College District sponsored benefits plans and services in a timely and efficient manner.

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Professional development

Our purpose is to prepare for the next generation of San Diego Community College leaders, and improve and expand the knowledge, skills and abilities of the current staff and faculty. The program includes employment orientation, job performance management training related to key subject domains, personal enrichment workshops, and leadership development academies in support of succession planning.

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