Online Student Resources & FAQs

Online Student Resources & FAQs

Online Student Resources 

1.Online Learning Readiness Assessment

2.Technical Requirements

3.Registration Directions

4.Tips for Success in an Online Class

5.Netiquette Guidelines

6.Student Code of Conduct

7.SDCCD Copyright Guidelines

8.State Authorization Complaint Process



11.Student Services:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.    Registration Information:
Inquiries regarding registration should be directed to mySDCCD Student Support Center or call your helpline:


  • City College: 619-388-3200
  • Mesa College: 619-388-2600
  • Miramar College: 619-388-7300

2.    What online courses are offered?
Each semester the online course offerings change. Check out the Class Schedule for the current course offerings.

3.    How do I login to Canvas?
Upon completion of registration, you will receive an email with course login instructions a few days before the course starts. You may not login until the first day of class. Go to : and do the following:

Type your Username = 10-digit College Student Identification (ID number
Type your Password = mmddyyyy (birthdate with no hyphens, slashes or spaces) 
for example:    0009010101 (ID number used at registration) 
                        06031980 (password for birthdate June 3, 1980)

Returning online students, use your current password. 

4.    How can I get help with Canvas?
For technical assistance, our helpdesk staff is standing by 24/7 to assist you. Call toll-free (844) 612-7421 or 

5.    How to do I navigate a course and is there an overview of Canvas tools?

This video tutorial will take you through a sample course on Canvas. Students get basic navigation instructions inside a Canvas course and an overview of the Canvas tools that are commonly used in online courses.

Video Tutorial

6.    How does Canvas work?
We have several tutorials for students getting started with Canvas. Check out our  Online Student Tutorial page.

7.    Is online learning for me?
Good question! To find out if you're ready to be an online student, you can take the Quest for Online Success online learning readiness assessment.

The Quest for Online Success quiz will help you prepare for what to expect as an online student

8.    What kind of computer do I need?
To find out the computer and system requirements to successfully use the programs necessary for online learning, visit the Browser Tune-up and Technical Requirements page.

9.    Where do I purchase books?
The District bookstore is available online at the Bookstore Website:


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