Career Education and Workforce Development

Career Education and Workforce Development

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The Career Education and Workforce Development (CEWD) department provides districtwide coordination, across San Diego City College, Mesa College, Miramar College, and College of Continuing Education, for career education pathways, programs, and partnerships, and state contract compliance for three Child Development and Learning Lab Centers. Reports to Vice Chancellor of Educational Services. 

Department responsibilities for serving career education students, faculty, and senior leadership across these four institutions: 

  1. Provide leadership for coordinated, consistent, and shared practices districtwide
  2. Facilitate districtwide exploration of new initiatives and opportunities within career education and awareness of changing workforce needs
  3. Support safe, equitable, and student centered learning environments through compliance, professional development, and the collaborative design and implementation of districtwide practices and guidelines. 

Areas of Work:

  • Perkins Districtwide Grant Compliance and Coordination
  • College and Career Access Pathways (CCAP) districtwide process management
  • High school to college and noncredit to college course-to-course articulation
  • Cooperative Work Experience
  • Clinical affiliation agreements for Directed Clinical Practice Programs
  • State contract compliance for City, Mesa, and Miramar’s Child Development Centers
  • Districtwide guidance on Career Education Advisory Committees
  • Work-Based Learning SG21 Districtwide Reporting
  • CTE Biennial Review
  • Strong Workforce Program
  • Apprenticeship Program Management
  • Regional engagement in career education and workforce development initiatives including strong workforce, employer engagement, and industry alignment

Department Overview   - committees and areas of responsibility


CTE Transitions Credit By Exam

The CTE Transitions Program establishes credit by exam agreements between High School and San Diego City, Mesa, and Miramar College and between San Diego College of Continuing Education and San Diego City, Mesa, and Miramar colleges.

Resources for Faculty and Staff 

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Child Development Centers

 San Diego Community College District provides childcare services through San Diego City, Mesa, and Miramar Child Development Centers. The Centers operate as instructional programs for SDCCD students and offer quality educational programs for infants, toddlers, and preschool children.

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Work Experience EducatioN

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Clinical Affiliation Agreements

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