This district resources page is maintained by Educational Services in support of Districtwide implementation and management of LAEP funding. Materials and resources are informed by the Districtwide LAEP Workgroup. 

Learning Aligned Employer Program (LAEP)

The Learning-Aligned Employment Program (LAEP) was established in the 2021-22 California State Budget and is administered by the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC)

The Learning-Aligned Employment Program was created pursuant to California Education Code (CEC) sections 69950 - 69969. 


Districtwide LAEP Resources

SDCCD LAEP Handbook 

October 2023 SDCCD LAEP Update

Process Flow Charts:

Agreement Templates - the following templates have been developed for optional use:

Assessing Eligibility

  • Term based reports (pre- and post-census) will be provided by District Educational Services; query is available for local use as well.


LAEP Leadership:

Districtwide Coordinator: Lilibeth Rodreguez,  Business Systems Analyst, Student Services, District Educational Services


  • City College:
    • Career Services Lead: TBD
    • Career Education Lead: Sasha Knox, Associate Dean, Strong Workforce
    • Financial Aid Lead: Wendy Wang
    • Employer Relations Liaison: Karen Overklift
  • Mesa College:
    • Career Services Lead: Pavel Consuegra 
    • Career Education Lead: Alex Berry, Associate Dean, Career Education
    • Financial Aid Lead: Gilda Maldonado
    • Employer Relations Liaison: Erica Olmos
  • Miramar College: 
    • Career Services Lead: TBD
    • Career Education Lead: TBD
    • Financial Aid Lead: Vincent Ngo
    • Employer Relations Liaison:  Lance Grob
  • College of Continuing Education:
    • NA - current LAEP legislation excludes noncredit students
  • District Educational Services:
    • Financial Aid: Lilibeth Rodriguez, Business Systems Analyst
    • Career Education/Career Services Lead: Amertah Perman, Dean, Career Education & Workforce Development
    • Student Services: Victor DeVore, Dean, Student Services



In February 2023, advocacy for the reconsideration of four critical areas was endorsed by the San Diego Community College District Chancellor’s Cabinet (representation includes the Chancellor, all Vice Chancellors, and all four Presidents from City, Mesa, Miramar, and Continuing Education). 

The four areas include:

  1. Unmet Need (Ed Code) 
  2. Restrictions to use of Funds (Ed Code and CSAC Handbook) 
  3. Ties to Expected Family Contributions (EFC) (CSAC Handbook) 
  4. Restrictions to Funding Distribution Methods (CSAC Handbook) 

In September 2023, a fifth area of concern was added August 2023 to address general concerns regarding noncredit student participation:

5. Unmet Need (Ed Code) – exclusion of noncredit students

We continue to seek engagement and support for the reconsideration of these five areas. Signatures are being collected from Colleges statewide. 

If you are interested in signing the advocacy document, please email Lilibeth Rodriguez.



Districtwide LAEP Implementation Workgroup

The Districtwide LAEP Implementation Workgroup was established Summer 2022. District representation includes: District Student Services, District HR, District Business & Finance, District Purchasing & Contracts, District Career Education & Workforce Development. College representation includes: Financial Aid, Business Services, Career Education, Career Services, and Job Placement/WBL leads. 

Districtwide Coordination:Lilibeth Rodriguez 

Agendas and Meeting Materials:


  • Fall - September 28, 2023
  • Spring- February 2024
  • Summer - May 2024



CSAC Resources


CSAL LAEP Handbook

CSAC Statewide Workgroup - If you want to join, email 


Ed Code 66950