Clinical Affiliation Agreements

The SDCCD Career Education and Workforce Development Department supports San Diego City, Mesa, and Miramar colleges and San Diego College of Continuing Education in the coordination over 350 active clinical affiliation agreements for SDCCD student site placements.

All agreements receive SDCCD Board of Trustees approval before student placement occurs. 


Directed Clinical Practice Programs



SDCCD Directed clinical practice programs Committee

The purpose of the District Committee is to monitor policy and procedure for SDCCD students participating in Directed Clinical Practice (DCP) at health facilities throughout San Diego and the management of clinical site agreements. The committee members, made up of Health faculty and administrators from City, Mesa, Miramar, and the College of Continuing Education, meet at least once each semester to review contracted activities, provide campus updates and share best practices.

Agreement Development - processes reminders and requirements

Districtwide Board Policy 5160 – Health Occupation Instruction – Use of Clinical Facilities

Districtwide Administrative Procedure 5160.1 Health Occupations: Instructional Use of Clinical Facilities

Districtwide Administrative Procedure: Health Occupations: Directed Clinical Practice - DRAFT as of Spring 2021

DCP Student Accident Reporting Guidance


Districtwide Committee Meetings:

2023-2024 Meeting Agendas:

2022-2023 Meeting Agendas:

2021-2022 Meeting Agendas:

  • October 2021
  • April 2022

2020-2021 Meeting Agendas:

  • October 2020
  • April 2021

2019-2020 Meeting Agendas

  • September 2019
  • April 2020



In September 2018, CA State Legislature passed SB-1348 requiring CCCCO to report additional information on clinical placements within degree and certificate programs in allied health. Reporting requires the collection of clinical site license numbers (or EIN), the total number of students placed at each site, and the languages the placed students are proficient in other than English. 

As of Summer/Fall 2022 reporting is now in NOVA: Allied Health

Chart of Required Programs

Reporting Reminders