The Career Education and Workforce Development Department manages the SDCCD annual Perkins funds – the leading national funding available for career and technical education programs with the express goal of providing individuals with the academic and technical knowledge and skills they need to prepare for careers in current or emerging employment sectors.

This page provides resources for San Diego City, Mesa, Miramar, and Continuing Education regarding Perkins funding.


Annual Summary REPORTS

High level summaries of the use of Career Education designated Perkins Funds:




Worksheets & Guides



Perkins Iv



Local Perkins funds are determined through institutional program review and Perkins application procedures. Please contact your institutional Perkins lead for details:

  • San Diego City College: Dean Rose LaMuraglia
  • San Diego Mesa College: Dean Tina Recalde
  • San Diego Miramar College: Dean Jesse Lopez
  • San Diego Continuing Education: Dean Cassandra Storey