Credit for Military Experience

Students may request an evaluation of military experience by submitting to the Student Services Office the appropriate American Council on Education (ACE) documents.

Credit for educational experience will be granted in accordance with the recommendations of ACE when applicable to the student's program of study.  There is no charge for evaluation of military experience. Students may contact us at (619) 388-2776.



This section outlines the policies and procedures for awarding college credit for military experience, education, and training.

  • The designated credit evaluator at San Diego City College will review the content of the appropriate documents and compare the ACE recommended credits to our courses to determine course equivalencies. In most cases, the credit recommendations on the ACE transcripts will mirror the recommendations given in ACE's Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Forces. The evaluator may choose to award more or less credit for military experience than is recommended by this guide based on the evaluation of the course content and competencies.
  • The evaluator will complete the process of awarding military credit by forwarding the information to the Student Services Office. The ACE documentation meets the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) requirements for the award of credit for military experience.
  • The evaluated Ace transcripts will be maintained in the Student Services Office.
  • Prior to credit being awarded the student must meet all entrance requirements, have a program selected, and have an education plan on file with student services.
  • To be awarded a degree from San Diego City College students must complete at least 12 units of credit, for the residency requirement. Credits from other accredited institutions may be accepted for transfer credit after evaluation by district and college evaluators.
  • When all of the requirements are met the evaluation process will commence.

Information on credit available for military experience will be made available to counselors. The opportunity to receive college credit for military experience is publicized in the college catalog.