Honors Program

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Welcome to the SDCCD Honors Program. For information about the Honors Program, including important deadline dates, click on the link for the college you would like information.

Apply for Honors in mySDCCD!

Starting Fall 2022, students are now able to apply for Honors within mySDCCD.  Once you speak with your professor, they will flag you for honors that will enable you to apply for honors within mySDCCD.  For more instructions, please checkout our tutorial: https://mysdccd.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/MYS/pages/1913257985/Applying+For+Honors+Student 

For more details and the list of Honors classes, download the Honors Program below.

Spring 2024 Honors Program Information

Fall 2024 Honors Program Information

Please note there is no Honors Program during the Summer.

College Honors Website Phone Number
CITY COLLEGE Honors Program Website 619-388-3512
MESA COLLEGE Honors Program Website 619-388-2341
MIRAMAR COLLEGE Honors Program Website 619-388-7532


2021 Honors Reception

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