San Diego Community College District has provided quality education and training to thousands of military and civilian personnel through contract education. SDCC, staffed with hundreds of highly trained and motivated personnel, has the ability to complete any project with a desirable outcome and consistently ranks high in performance evaluations.

Located on two coasts, the SDCCD Military Contract Education has provided contract instructional services for the past 30 years (1977) under more than 30 military contracts, training over 30,000 students annually in 80 different courses of instruction. Military education delivers instruction in everything from basic adult literacy and verbal skills to personal financial management and from diesel engines to highly technical and sophisticated communications and radar systems.

Our instructors were first to use the Automated Electronic Classroom (AEC) system and to make curriculum changes that formed the basis for the Navy's current Apprenticeship Technical Trainee Course. Supervisors and instructors reviewed and made significant changes to computer based courseware developed for Yeoman "A" and Personnel specialist "A" Schools. SDCCD personnel continually review and recommend changes on all developed curriculum material.