IC "C" School Staff

Interior Communication "C" Schools

  • Shipboard Information, Training, and Entertainment (SITE) (CIN: A-191-0010)
  • Integrated Launch and Recovery Television Surveillance (ILARTS) (CIN: A-191-0011)
  • Class Ship Interior Communications Subsystems Technician (FFG-7 SS) (CIN: A-623-0099)
  • Fiber Optic Data Multiplex System Operation and maintenance (FODMS) (CIN: A-670-0065)
  • Data Multiplex System (DMS) (CIN: A-670-0053)
  • Vertical and Short Take-Off and Landing Optical Landing System (VSTOL) (CIN: A-670-0064)
  • Stabilized Gyrocompass Maintenance (WSN 2) (CIN: A-670-0048)



Mr. David Ratliff
Training Support Center (TSC), CSCS Great Lakes, IL

David Ratliff is a retired Interior Communications Chief who has severed on multiple platforms and Naval Installations throughout his 20-year career. After completing Shipboard Information and Entertainment "C" School he reported to the USS Bainbridge (CGN-25) where he served from 1979 to 1984. Following this assignment he completed Advanced Maintenance School and Advanced Broadcasting Engineer School and was assigned as Officer in Charge and Chief Engineer for two years at the AFRTS/FEN detachment in Sasebo Japan.

His next assignment was Recruit Training Command (RTC) Great Lakes in 1986 and marked the beginning of his teaching career. During his time at RTC he directly trained 900 recruits through the first stages of their naval career. Recognizing his abilities he was assigned to the Positive Motivation Unit for which he dealt directly with recruits having especially hard transitions to the military environment. In 1990 he went to the AFRTS Outlet in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba serving as Officer in Charge and Chief Engineer.

In 1994 he returned to Great Lakes, Illinois to be the Course Supervisor for SITE, ILARTS, and VSTOL "C" schools. In 1997 he transferred to his last active duty assignment in Diego Garcia as the Chief Engineer and reassignment as the Officer in Charge. He honorably transferred to the Fleet Reserve in 1998 after 20 years of distinguished service having achieved Tactical Plotting Display (NEC 4773), Broadcast Manager, Instructor, and Recruit Company Commander.

During his service his awards include the Navy Commendation Medal, and Air Force Commendation Medal. Seizing the opportunity to gain a valuable asset, San Diego Community College hired Retired Chief Ratliff in 1999 as a SITE "C" School instructor. He currently lives in Grayslake, Illinois with his lovely wife of 22 years, Carol Cashman. His son, Cliff Ratliff, is currently serving as an Information Technician Seaman in the United States Navy.


Mr. Coyt R Briscoe
Training Support Center (TSC), CSCS Great Lakes, IL

Coyt served in the U. S. Navy for 10 years, attaining the rank of 1st Class Petty Officer. He worked in the Interior Communications Technician rating. Qualified to teach The I. L.A.R.T.S. system closed circuit television used aboard the navy's aircraft carriers. Teaching the television and electronic theory, and practical application, repair and maintenance of the components of the system.

He has also qualified to teach the former EM "A" school, Dial telephone school, Advanced Technical Electronics school (ATT), Surface Ship Electrical maintenance school. He is a member of the Round Lake Beach Church of Christ board of directors and serves as treasurer for the Church. He has three children and four grandchildren. Coyt is a Master Leather Carver and craftsman certified by the former Great Lakes Leather Craftsman's Guild. He has been living in Lake County Illinois for 33 years the last twenty working at Great Lakes as an instructor for the U.S. Navy.

I believe that as a former sailor who was trained by the navy, I am retuning some of what the navy gave to me by teaching for the navy; and helping to provide better training to today's sailors, to help the U.S. navy to be the best navy in the world and the best that is possible to serve the United States.


Mr. Dennis Blum
Training Support Center (TSC), CSCS Great Lakes, IL

After a tour in the Navy, Mr. Blum began teaching at Great Lakes Navy Base in 1982 and has continued working for various contractors. He currently teaches at Ships Information Training and Entertainment (site) Television. Mr. Blum is originally from New York, but currently residing in Wisconsin for the last twenty five years. Dennis enjoys fishing and snowmobiling. Dennis currently resides in Kenosha Wisconsin with Kathy, his wife, and his daughter, Sarah who attends Indian Trail Academy.


Mr. Mel Apilado
ICCS / ATT Instructor
Training Support Center (TSC), CSCS Great Lakes, IL

Mr. Apilado served 20 years of honorable military service and retired from the U.S. Navy as an Electricians Mate Chief Petty Officer in August of 1994. He had two tours as an instructor at Great Lakes Naval Training Center. He qualified and taught Basic Electricity and Electronics School (BEE) from 1981 to 1984.

During his second tour, he taught FFG-7 Electrical Subsystem Pipe-line school from 1991 to 1994. In August of 1995, he was employed by San Diego City College (SDCC) and taught Advanced Electronics Technical Core (AETC), Apprentice Technical Training (ATT) and E-Core School. He has continued working as an Instructor for various contractors until the present.

Mr. Apilado again joined SDCC where he presently teaches at IC "C" Schools (AN/WSN-2 Gyrocompass, FFG-7 IC Subsystems, VSTOL and Basic ILARTS and SITE).

Mr. Michael P. Pelletier
Military Technical Training Instructor
Training Support Center (TSC), CSCS Great Lakes, IL

Mike retired in 1999 as an Interior Communications Electrician Chief Petty Officer (Surface Warfare), after completing 20 years of service in the US Navy. His sea duty assignments included USS King (DDG-41), USS Preble (DDG-46) and USS Normandy (CG-60).

Since retiring from active duty, Mike has worked for San Diego City College as a NIDA CAI instructor, as a Field Service Technician for Instron Corporation and for Florida Community College and San Diego City College as an ILT Instructor at EM/IC schools.

His teaching background at EM/IC schools includes DMS, FODMS, VSTOL, AN/WSN-2, FFG-7 Pipeline and ILARTS. Mike enjoys spending time with his two outstanding sons, Eric and Joshua, as well as his two cats, Oreo and Potter. He is an avid bowler and golfer, serving as an Assistant Manager at the Willow Glen Golf Club in Great Lakes during his off time.


Ms. Teresa Cantu
IC Instructor
Training Support Center (TSC), CSCS Great Lakes, IL

Ms. Teresa Cantu retired from the U.S. Navy after 20 years of service in January 1999 as an Interior Communications (IC) Chief Petty Officer (SW/AW). She is a graduate of the Navy's Instructor Training School and instructed at the Navy's Recruit Training Command at Orlando, Florida for three years. While teaching at RTC in 1985, she qualified as a Master Training Specialist. She also taught at Great Lakes Naval Base Interior Communications ‘C' schools for four years. There she taught the AN/WSN 2 gyrocompass, AN/WSN 5 Inertial Navigation System and FFG-7 IC Subsystems.

After retiring from the Navy, Ms. Cantu was employed by San Diego City College from 1999 to 2006 where she qualified and taught Advanced Electronic Technical Core (AETC), AN/WSN 2 Gyrocompass, MK 19/23 Gyrocompass, FFG-7 IC Subsystems, Apprentice Technical Training (ATT), and 6 weeks of an 18 week Ship's Information and Television Entertainment System Course (SITE). From 2006 until 2010 Ms. Cantu was employed by Florida State College at Jacksonville as an instructor at Apprentice Technical Training School, Great Lakes. In September of 2010 Ms. Cantu again joined SDCC as an instructor where she presently teaching at ATT and also qualifying to teach PVM-411 (SITE) "C" school at Great Lakes.


Mr. Thomas Rack
ATT Instructor
Training Support Center (TSC), CSCS Great Lakes, IL

Mr. Rack enlisted in the United States Navy in December 1983, and retired in 2003, having reached the rank of Electronics Technician First Class (Air Warfare). Mr. Rack's Naval career started out as a Meteorological Maintenance Technician serving at the Joint Typhoon Warning Center, Guam, then on to an Air Traffic Control Radar Maintenance Technician at NAS Kingsville, Texas. Moving north from there he worked as a Naval Computer and Telecommunications Technician in Keflavik, Iceland. Making his way back to his hometown of Chicago became an Instructor at Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, IL. Using his skills with computer networks he helped pioneer the Navy's first Computer-Based Training Course at Great Lakes.

Since retiring from the Navy, Mr. Rack has worked as a contract instructor at the Great Lakes Naval Base. Mr. Rack currently instructs one of the initial Group-Paced Electronics Technician (ATT) classes at the Center for Surface Combat Systems Training Center Great Lakes, Illinois. Mr. Rack is qualified in Apprentice Technical Training (ATT). Mr. Rack is also qualifying in the Electronics Technician "A" School course.