Quality Assurance Program

Quality Control - SDCC believes quality control must be an integral function of our contract performance rather than a function applied in reaction to emergent issues or on a strictly periodic basis. Our plan is comprehensive in scope and serves to measure, evaluate, and institute improvement processes in ten major areas:

  • Instructor recruitment
  • Evaluation of instruction
  • Report of disciplinary problems
  • Curriculum review
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Instructor training
  • Corrective action
  • Investigations for COR
  • Academic records/reports
  • Formal and informal communication with the Government

We recognize quality control depends upon a well-designed program for evaluation of instruction and curriculum through accurate record-keeping, frequent classroom visits, and continuous monitoring of student success. Student feedback, through the use of course and instructor critiques, is used to monitor our performance and ensure issues are identified and corrective actions are taken.