Work-Based Learning

The San Diego Community College District institutions provide work-based learning opportunities to students. These opportunities are integrated into curricula and provided outside the classroom from events and on-campus activities to clinical placements, internships, and on-the-job work experiences.


This page provides resources for San Diego City, Mesa, Miramar, and Continuing Education regarding WBL reporting processes and related practices.


MIS SG21 Work-Based Learning Reporting

College Resources


Districtwide SG21 Reporting Updates - District Educational Services, in partnership with the District Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research (OIER) will provide regular updates.

Districtwide Reporting Plan:



College Leads for SG21 Reporting

SG21 WBL coding requires local teams to work across both student services and instructional services. College leads are expected to work across program areas and functions to coordinate college-wide SG21 WBL efforts. 

  • City College - TBD
  • Mesa College - Alex Berry
  • Miramar College: Claudia Estrada-Howell
  • College of Continuing Education: Stephanie Lewis and Desiree Payne


Work-Based Learning Resources and reference materials


Districtwide Work-Based Learning Process Committee - no longer active

This districtwide committee was established in 2020 and coordinated by the SDCCD Career Education and Workforce Development Department focusing on districtwide MIS SG21 WBL reporting and related practices.

As of spring 2023, this committee is being replaced by a broader Districtwide Career Services and Job Placement Workgroup focused on districtwide support and alignment for student's career success across each college's career services initiatives including: employer engagement, work-based learning/SG21, job placement, career center activities, districtwide career fairs, and handshake. 

To access agendas for the Districtwide Career Services & Job Placement Workgroup, please click here. 

Past WBL Process Committee Agendas:

2022-23 Agendas

2021-22 Agendas

2020-21 Agendas: