Administrative Forms

Contact District Student Services to obtain the following forms:

Academic Credit for Nontraditional Education

  • Administrative Drop
  • Admission Status Policy 3000 - Joint Diploma Program
  • Admission Status Policy 3000 - Provisional
  • Admission Status Policy 3000 - Special Admission Full Time High School
  • Admission Status Policy 3000 - Special Part Time
  • Application for Credit by Examination
  • Assignment of Incomplete
  • Certification of C.S.U. General Education - Breadth Requirements
  • Change of Course Level Within a Discipline
  • Change of Degree Declaration
  • Consent to Release Confidential Student Information by Faculty
  • Deferment Application
  • Employee Acknowledgement of Confidentiality of Student Records and Computer Passwords
  • Faculty Academic Sanction
  • Faculty Removal of Disruptive Student from Class
  • Fingerprint and Criminal Record Background Check Consent
  • Foreign Transfer Waiver Agreement
  • Grade Assignment/Change Form
  • Incident Report Form
  • Major and Transfer Studies Electives
  • Military Contract Education Program Official Class Roster
  • Petition for Academic Renewal without Course Repetition
  • Petition for Certificate of Performance
  • Petition for Modification of Major
  • Petition for Pass/No Pass Option
  • Petition for Schedule Adjustment After Deadline
  • Petition for Transfer Studies Degree
  • Processing Fees for Nontraditional Education
  • Processing Fees for Reissuing Degrees
  • Request for Change of Social Security Number, Name, Address
  • Request for Transcript Evaluation
  • Student Code of Conduct Guidelines for Online Classes
  • Student Petition
  • Student Waiver of Right of Disciplinary Board Hearing