Dreamers Support Program

Dreamers Support Program

The San Diego Community College District welcomes undocumented students, parents, staff, faculty, and community members. The District is committed to maintaining a safe space for all students as they pursue their academic and professional goals. Please check back frequently for up to date information and resources available for Dreamers at City, Mesa, Miramar, and the College of Contining Education. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can an undocumented student go to college?

Yes! Undocumented students may attend any California college or university where they are admitted. In addition, if they meet the requirements of a state law known as AB 540, undocumented students do not have to pay the much-higher tuition rate that usually applies to out-of-state students. Undocumented students who qualify for AB 540 status can apply for state financial aid by completing the California Dream Act application. 

Q: How can I qualify for AB 540 status at San Diego Community College District?


  1.  Complete an Admissions Application for admission at City College, Mesa College, or Miramar College.
  2.  Submit a completed California Nonresident Tuition Exemption Request form (AB 540 affidavit) to your campus.
  3.  If you have any questions, please contact the Admissions Office at your campus:

San Diego City College Admissions Office: (619) 388-3475
San Diego Mesa College Admissions Office: (619) 388-2682
San Diego Miramar College Admissions Office: (619) 388-7844

Q: How do I qualify to pay in-state tuition?

In order to qualify under AB 540, an undocumented student must have:

  • Attended for three (3) full-time years or the equivalent at any combination of the following:
    • Attend a California high school for three (3) years or more;
    • Attend (3) or more years of high school coursework, and attend a combination of California elementary, secondary, and high school of three (3) years or more;
    • Attend a combination of California high school, adult school, and community college for the equivalent of three (3) years or more
  • Graduated or obtained the equivalent of a high school diploma (or attainment of the equivalent, i.e. California-issued GED, CHSPE) or community college degree, or completed the requirements for transfer to a UC or CSU
  • Submitted an AB 540 affidavit, also known as a Nonresident Tuition Exemption Request form, to the college that you plan to attend. On this affidavit, you must state that you meet all the requirements and that you have filed an application to legalize your immigration status – or that you will file an application as soon as you are eligible to do so.
Q: How do I apply for state financial aid?

The California Dream Act (2011) allows AB 540 students to apply for state-funded financial aid, known as Cal Grants, and non-state funded scholarships.

For additional questions regarding the AB 540 eligibility requirements, please contact the Admissions Office for your campus:

San Diego City College, Admissions Office:  (619) 388-3475
San Diego Mesa College, Admissions Office: (619) 388-2682
San Diego Miramar College, Admissions Office: (619) 388-7844
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