Volunteer Connect

Volunteer Connect

The San Diego Community College District Volunteer Connect website connects San Diego City, Mesa, and Miramar colleges and Continuing Education students with volunteer opportunities in the community. Volunteering not only provides students the opportunity to help make a difference in the community, it fosters community engagement and promotes valuable learning experiences.

Volunteer Connect provides non-profit and community organizations with a simple way to reach out to thousands of San Diego Community College District students looking to give back to the community. All an organization has to do is post an opportunity.


Student Registration

Students! If you are interested in registering for volunteer opportunities please click on the link below and fill out the volunteer registration form.

This information is for internal use only to allow us to contact you regarding potential volunteer opportunities. Your information will not be shared outside the institution for any reason.

We will notify you about upcoming volunteer opportunities through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Be sure to follow and like the San Diego Community College District’s social media accounts to be in the know about upcoming volunteer opportunities.


Register as a Community Partner

If you are a representative from a non-profit or community organization and have a new volunteer opportunity to post, please fill out the form below to register as a community partner. We'll post your volunteer opportunity on our website and social media to connect you with interested student volunteers.


Volunteer Opportunities

The San Diego Community College District does not endorse nor sponsor any event listed on this webpage. This webpage is intended to connect students and community service opportunities.