Career Education Data, Reports, and Resources

Career education grant programs and initiatives require a broad range of data and research to support ongoing program improvement, alignment, and student success. This page provides resources for San Diego City, Mesa, Miramar College and the College of Continuing Education for career education grant related reporting requirements. Materials are provided as a supplement to career education data and research conducted locally within each institution.

Institutions are encouraged to utilize these resources throughout their local career education planning processes including the required Biennial Review, Perkins Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment, and Strong Workforce Program planning.


Advisory Committees

District Resource Page for Advisory Committees – includes districtwide handbook and employer and committee resources

Biennial Submission of Advisory Committee Members to Board of Trustees (Title 5 requirement):



Biennial Review

Districtwide Process Summary Ed Code 78016

Program Fact Sheets  - Regional Dashboard created and maintained by the Centers of Excellence. This is an optional resource for the colleges to use throughout the CTE Biennial Review Process. 

Employment Outcomes - see below "CTE Employment Outcomes" section for districtwide summary and college specific reports

Worksheet - includes recommended evidence

2022 CTE Biennial Review:

2020 CTE Biennial Review:


Credit for Prior Learning


CTE Educational Outcomes Survey

2021 Districtwide Summary -  provides a broad view of our CTE students’ employment outcomes. This stand-alone briefing includes the three main outcomes from the survey (Employment, Employment in the field and Wage Gain). Program satisfaction is also included to provide context. This 9-13-21 version includes available data from the statewide survey for the last three years.

CTE EOS Home Page

2020 Reports

2019 Reports


Data Briefs
  • 2021 CTE Data Brief - Part 1 - This briefing includes districtwide and college specific data on sections, head count, and success rates, including race and ethnicity and gender.
  • 2021 CTE Data Brief - Part 2 –This briefing provides a high level overview of CTE programs in the District for the academic years of 2019-20 to 2020-21 (includes Summer, Fall, and Spring) in regards to CTE Major, and for the years of 2018-19 to 2020-21 for CTE Awards, CTE Award Earners, completion of 9+ CTE Units, and the CTE Employment Outcomes Survey.


Diversity Reports

HR/Staffing Diversity Report  - provided to meet Perkins CLNA requirements


DSPS CTE Student Outcomes

Current Districtwide DSPS Dashboard 

December 2021 DSPS Dashboard Inquiry Guide 

December 2021 Presentation Slide Deck  


Economic Impact Report – SDCCD


Economic Recovery

Recorvery with Equity

Resilient Jobs


Environmental Scans (Districtwide)

April 2021 Update

Spring 2020 Presentation 

2018-2019 Environmental Scan Summary


Labor Market Information

Centers of Excellence

Regional Program Recommendation Process

Online Request Form (COE)

Sector Analysis - May 2022

Subregional Labor Market Profiles - The San Diego-Imperial COE recently published subregional labor market profiles for San Diego County. The profiles highlight key labor market information (e.g., demographics, industries, businesses, occupations) in:

Regional LMI reports posted to the MyWorkforceConnection website





Launchboard Resources Page



District Perkins Resource Page

State Perkins V Core Indicator Reports


Perkins Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment - See District Perkins Resource Page for Districtwide CLNA Guides, Worksheets, and related materials.

Regional CLNA 2022

Regional CLNA 2020 


Strong Workforce Program

District Strong Workforce Program Resource Page

SWP launchboard


Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research (District)

District Page - includes all published reports and dashboards

Public Dashboards  Enrollment Management, Student Profiles, DSPS, Foundational Data, Student Centered Funding Formula

Student Profiles 2020-2021 Census:

Facts of File


Work-Based Learning / SG21 Reporting Specific

District WBL Process Committee Resource Page – includes District SG21 reporting plan, SG21 queries, etc.